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Wednesday, March 07, 2018 - 7:41 AM EST

Argex Titanium Appoints Dr. Al-Qurtas as Technical Advisor to the Board

MONTREAL, Qu├ębec (FSCwire) - Argex Titanium Inc. (TSX: RGX) (“Argex”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Moayyed Al-Qurtas becomes a technical advisor to the Board of Argex, effective immediately.


Dr. Al-Qurtas has a solid international reputation, namely in the TiO2 industry, as a result of the outstanding achievements he reached and the several strategic positions he held throughout his career. He brings a strong experience to Argex’s Board and Management team, as well as a deep understanding of the TiO2 market and its key players, as well as experience in licensing.


Dr Al-Qurtas is a chemical engineer, member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He also holds a Ph.D. in management. Previously, Dr. Al-Qurtas was the Vice Chairman and CEO of National Industrialization Company (TASNEE), the parent company of Cristal, the world’s second largest TiO2 producer. TASNEE is one of the largest Saudi Industrial companies. It operates several industrial plants throughout Saudi Arabia and around the world.  


“We are honored that Dr. Al-Qurtas accepts to become an advisor to Argex’s Board of Directors and to share his immense know-how and experience of the chemical industry and of TiO2 business in particular. Dr. Al-Qurtas visited our lab facilities, met with our technical team and decided to carve out some of his time to support Argex’s exciting development as a low-cost and cleaner emerging producer of TiO2 “, said Mazen Alnaimi, Chairman and CEO of Argex Titanium.


Prior to joining TASNEE in 1996, Dr. Al-Qurtas was Director General of R&D at SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, where he directed the establishment of SABIC’s R&D complex as well as the licensing and technological development activities of the group. He also served as President of Petrokemya, Al Jubail, an affiliate of SABIC where he directed the establishment of its industrial complex and its technical and administrative operations.


Dr Al-Qurtas is also the Chairman of Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Research & Innovation Committee and was a founding board member of that Association. Moreover, he acts as Director on boards of Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Company, Alrajhi Bank, the group of Riyadh Cables companies, the Saudi Industrial Properties Authority and the Saudi Development Fund.


About Argex Titanium


Argex Titanium Inc. has developed an advanced chemical process for the volume production of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) for use in high-quality paint, plastics, cosmetics and other TiO2 applications. The Corporation’s unique proprietary process uses relatively inexpensive and plentiful source material from a variety of potential vendors to produce TiO2, along with other valuable by-products. Argex’s process provides a significant cost and environmental advantage over current legacy TiO2 production methods.



Mazen Alnaimi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Argex Titanium Inc.

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