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Thursday, November 02, 2017 - 9:00 AM EDT

Canadian Military Enters Long-term Purchase Agreement for Modest3D licenses from Modest Tree

Halifax, Nova Scotia (FSCwire) - Modest Tree Media Inc. is pleased to announce that the Canadian Department of National Defence has entered into a 3-year agreement for the purchase of enterprise licenses of Modest Tree’s Modest3D Editor platform, solidifying the Canadian military’s commitment to the tool for developing advanced 3D interactive training content. The enterprise licenses will be accessible to all the Department of National Defence training schools.


The Canadian military began using Modest3D across the DND enterprise last year, under a one-year licensing arrangement. “We are pleased to continue our technology partnership with DND,” said Sam Sannandeji, CEO of Modest Tree.  “The military’s decision for a three-year commitment to roll out our products across navy, army, and air force training establishments is a significant endorsement that our suite of products are hitting the mark in the defence training industry”.


Modest3D Editor is a patent-pending technology for creating the logic for advanced 3D Applications. The visual storyboarding construct rapidly creates complex and multi-pathed 3D applications without coding. Modest3D Editor can be used to build a wide variety of training applications, from virtual task trainers, to immersive scenario based learning.


“Our strategic objectives for modernizing military training include leveraging the most advanced training technologies available on the market to deliver the types of high quality, cost effective training our operations demand. The Modest3D Suite delivers the capability we need for developing highly interactive 3D training.” said Bill Railer, Senior Staff Officer Military Personnel Generation, Learning Support Centres.


Modest Tree is showcasing the new capabilities of the Modest3D Suite to the military this week at the launch of the new Learning Support Centre in CFB Borden, Ontario.

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