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Friday, April 21, 2017 - 1:13 PM EDT

EVITRADE Announces Final Share Record Dividend date for Subsidiaries

Vancouver, British Columbia (FSCwire) - EVITRADE Health Systems Corp. (CSE:EVA, OTCQB: AXHLF) (the “Company”) announces the final share record dividend date for the remaining C&C Cosmeceuticals Corporation, Trials Division and Data Security subsidiary companies to be for holders of record as of Wednesday April 26th, 2017.  The Company will be trading Ex-Dividend of the remaining subsidiary companies as of Monday April 24th, 2017.  For the C&C Cosmeceuticals Corporations, the record date was initially set to be April 24th, 2017 subject to being finalized and an exchange bulletin confirmation.  The share dividend record date for C&C Cosmeceuticals has now been amended to be April 26th, 2017.  An exchange bulletin will be released to confirm the details.


As per the shareholder and court approved plan of arrangement the subsidiary companies are to be distributed pro-rata to shareholders of record on the share record distribution dates and the ratio of the distribution to existing shares held to be determined by management. Management is pleased to report that the distribution shall be on a 1:1 basis.


The purpose as per the plan of arrangement for the subsidiary companies is to be divested from the parent company and operate as independent business units and acquire any assets as determined by any definitive agreements that the companies may enter into.


For further information Shareholders can reference the Information Circular dated February 6, 2017.


Contact: Ron Ozols, Director


EVITRADE Health Systems Corporation

(formerly Auxellence Health Corporation)

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EVITRADE (formerly Auxellence Health Corp.), was founded in 2013 to provide online “digital healthcare” services for resolving common health problems. The current markets are weight-loss, high blood pressure, high blood glucose and heart arrhythmia.


About TULIP™


The TULIP™ system is an online self-service intended for adults interested in normalizing blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, blood glucose, and body weight. Measurement procedures, conditioning protocols, and session schedules are prescribed automatically from data acquired by the user’s TULIP™ device – a blood pressure monitor with interactive protocols that can feed medical records and expert systems useful in testing, tracking and treating common health conditions.


The Tulip™ medical device has received Health Canada and CE Mark certifications.


About C&C Cosmeceuticals Corp. (“C&C” a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company)


C&C was founded in 2011 to develop, manufacture and market nutraceutical and cosmeceutical personal healthcare products and services.  It was the predecessor company that acquired Auxellence Health Corporation, which is now named EVITRADE Health Systems Corp. and is a wholly owned subsidiary. On November 15, 2016, the company announced that it signed an MOU to acquire a 50 Hectare Cannabis Farm for C&C and on January 23, 2017 the company that it signed a LOI to acquire a Plant Oils Extraction firm for C&C.  On March 3, 2017 at the shareholders meeting, C&C was voted 100% in favour of to be spun off from the parent company and it was announced on March 6, 2017 that C&C was to be spun off on a 1:1 basis.  All shareholders holding shares in EVITRADE will receive shares an equal number of shares in C&C as of the record date, which shall be announced shortly.


Disclaimers – Forward Looking Statements

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