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Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 9:00 AM EDT

Evolution Blockchain Group – Announces Two Acquisitions and Corporate Updates

Las Vegas, Nevada (FSCwire) - Evolution Blockchain Group Inc. (OTC: EVBC) (“Evolution” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired two new blockchain technologies, Drive-coin and Gamebitcoin.




Drive-coin is a peer-to-peer blockchain solution for the automotive and parts industry.  It is in development and when completed will allow for peer-to-peer vehicle and parts sales using a blockchain inventory management system designed with the use of smart contracts.  It will also have a social networking component with many features to localize sales of the vehicles and parts.  The technology will support automotive financing options integrated with traditional lenders to facilitate the purchasing or leasing of vehicles with Drive-Coin.




Gamebitcoin is a game specific blockchain development solution tailored to gaming transactions across the globe.  Currently a prototype token, Gamebitcoin will be built out on our own unique blockchain with various unique features that will allow for multiple revenue streams.  Gamebitcoin will be an open platform where software and game developers can connect to API’s and integrate their game to the Gamebitcoin.  Fees are transaction based granting new developers easier access to revenue at a lower cost.


EBG Blockchain Prototype


Our whitepaper outlines a unique and proprietary blockchain technology system that improves on current blockchain methodology by improving the user experience, enhancing user asset protections, improving security methodologies and implementing unique and proprietary features. Extensive auditing of the blockchain will occur before release.


Management Additions


Evolution would like to welcome two new officers to the company, Thom Richardson as Vice President of Technology and Dominic dos Santos as Head of Project Management for Gamebitcoin.  Mr. Richardson has over six years of experience as a software engineer focused in the area of agile development.  He comes from a strong data-driven background and got his start at Fidelity Investments.  After graduation, Thom Richardson obtained his degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Arlington.  Prior to Evolution, Mr. Richardson has spent the last 5 years managing software teams from all corners of the world building applications and APIs using the MEAN stack , an open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic websites and web related applications.  Mr. Santos is a young entrepreneur and business owner of a private web development and server hosting company.  Educated at Sheridan College and then Concordia University, Mr. Santos is an expert in Windows and Linux software.


New Website


In addition, Evolution has launched its new website: www.evolutionblockchain.com.


“Drive-Coin is an exciting blockchain technology that we are developing and looking to forward to launching,” says Lawrence Stephenson, President of Evolution, “This blockchain technology will eventually be coupled with a compliant initial coin offering (ICO).  Prior to launching the Drive-Coin or the Gamebitcoin ICOs, we will be consulting with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the CSE and our legal team to determine if our Drive-Coin tokens are considered securities as defined by the SEC or token assets and will take the necessary avenues to ICO,” adds Lawrence Stephenson, “It is very important to us that we adhere to the laws and approach this new and exciting financial technology within the guidelines of regulation.  We are very pleased to welcome Thom and Dominic to the team, as they will be instrumental in managing the development and launch of our technologies.”


About Evolution Blockchain Group


Evolution Blockchain Group is focused on acquiring, developing and launching globally scalable blockchain technology solutions, as well as building cryptocurrency mining operations.  Initial product launches will utilize smart contracts and showcase our products core features.  EBG is committed to becoming a significant contributor in the evolution of blockchain technology that yields long term value for its shareholders and the global community by providing engineering, development, capital and expertise to our own proprietary blockchain core projects – projects that we will license and generate royalties from.  Our unique technologies improve on various aspects of current blockchain developments and focus on producing revenue driven results.  Evolution has entered a new and exciting field of technology, a field that is changing the way businesses and people interact.


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