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Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 9:00 AM EDT

International Cannabrands Announces a Fulfillment and Distribution Agreement to Serve Southern California

Calgary, Alberta (FSCwire) - International Cannabrands Inc. (CSE:JUJU) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a new agreement with Desert Zen Fulfillment LLC, for the fulfillment and distribution of its ultra premium Julian Marley JuJu Royal™ brand in Southern California. Desert Zen is state-compliant, recreational and medicinal cannabis manufacturing, distribution, and transportation company based in Cathedral City, California. Desert Zen was recently acquired by Chemesis International Inc. (CSE:CSI). The Agreement provides that Desert Zen will handle all aspects of product order fulfillment, product order packaging, and product shipping and inventory warehousing in the State of California for the Company on a non-exclusive basis.


Steve Gormley, CEO commented: “Desert Zen has been with the JuJu Royal family since the early days of the brand in 2015. We look forward to continue working with the existing team under the stewardship of Chemesis, as it seeks to aggressively expand its foothold in California.”


About Chemesis International Inc.


Chemesis International Inc. is a vertically integrated global leader in the cannabis industry, currently operating within Puerto Rico and California. Chemesis is developing a strong foothold in key markets, from cultivation, to manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Chemesis has facilities in both Puerto Rico and California, allowing for cost effective production and distribution of its products. In addition, Chemesis leverages exclusive brands and partnerships and uses the highest quality extraction methods, to provide consumers with quality cannabis products. Chemesis will add shareholder value by exploring opportunities in emerging markets while consistently delivering quality product to its consumers from seed to sale.


About International Cannabrands (ICI)


The Company’s business model is to generate revenue from cannabis cultivation, brands ranging from flower to edibles and from THC to CBD, oil extraction, ancillary products and apparel in the United States. ICI markets products with THC content where that practice has been legalized at the state level through either medicinal or full recreational use. ICI also markets products containing CBD in the US and internationally. ICI’s strategy centers on acquiring micro brands, distribution and specific manufacturing/cultivation companies in the cannabis space. ICI has acquired the exclusive rights to Julian Marley's JuJu Royal™ brand. The Company believes as the legal cannabis market evolves, high-quality, unique products will increasingly capture market share and provide a valuable platform for growth.


About JuJu Royal


Julian Marley conveys his message of legalization, freedom, and love through the JuJu Royal brand, a line of naturally produced medicinal herbs. Our vision is to realize the opportunity to become one of the largest brands in the Marijuana industry.  The synergy between the Rastafarian culture, music, natural products and an “Irie” experience is a powerful foundation for our business.  JuJu’s strategy is to develop and grow a complete cannabis line based on an international appeal to a millennial lifestyle seeking a luxurious and premium experience. JuJu will capitalize on the unparalleled opportunity to position itself with unique, innovative, high quality brands that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. More information about the brand and various products can be obtained at


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Chief Executive Officer         

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Denver, Colorado 80203

Ph: (323) 828-4321 or

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