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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 9:57 AM EST

Modest Tree Launches Software to Rapidly Create Virtual Reality Experiences

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Halifax, Nova Scotia (FSCwire) - Today Modest Tree releases its Xplorer VR software, a rapid development tool to create virtual reality training and marketing solutions without coding. The Xplorer software is the newest addition to Modest Tree’s award-winning Modest3D suite of tools. Modest Tree will be demonstrating the ease of Xplorer’s no-coding virtual reality creation process at the I/ITSEC Conference in Orlando (booth 1081) this week.


Xplorer’s built-in functionality is geared towards empowering creatives, sales, and marketing personnel to rapidly create VR experiences, without coding. Xplorer is ideal for creating virtual reality training on product component familiarization, site walkthroughs and producing virtual reality showrooms for marketing products. 


“We developed Xplorer as clients were seeking a tool to tap into the VR market and produce engaging experiences, without requiring large technical teams to develop a VR experience.  ” said Sam Sannandeji, CEO of Modest Tree.


Modest Tree will be discussing the intuitive process of creating virtual reality experiences with Xplorer during I/ITSEC’s Innovation Showcase sessions.


About Modest Tree


Modest Tree is a software company focused on developing serious games, mixed reality, and virtual reality solutions. Modest Tree is the creator of the award-winning Modest3D software suite, enabling the rapid creation of 3D interactive training and virtual reality experiences. The Modest3D software suite is the Canadian Military’s selected tool to create 3D interactive training applications. Modest Tree provides a full suite of training services from IMI 1 to 4 for leading OEMs, airlines, defense contractors and military clients.




I/ITSEC is the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference held in December in Orlando, Florida, USA since 1966. I/ITSEC promotes cooperation among the armed services, industry, academia and various government agencies in pursuit of improved training and education programs, identification of common training issues and development of multiservice programs.

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